A House Should be Filled with an Environment

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Since 2012, we’ve been creating and developing urban spaces. A small town in a city and an international standards resort in the mountains, we’re creating an environment that cares about you while you enjoy living in it.

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Lisi Green-Town

We can confidently say that what you’ll find here is much more than a residential complex or a new neighborhood. It’s an already developed, full-fledged small town in a city.


Resort Kokhta-Mitarbi

Resort Kokhta-Mitarbi is a four-season complex of hotels and apartments of international standards located in Borjomi Municipality. At this time, the resort area is being developed at the foot of Kokhta-Gora Mountain, while in the next stage of development it’ll be built in the village of Mitarbi as well. Resort Kokhta-Mitarbi offers an unforgettable vacation opportunity for four seasons. The project is bordered by forests on both sides which provides closer proximity to nature and beautiful views of the Kokhta and Mitarbi mountains. .