How We Create the Environment

At First there was a Vision

Consistency is the biggest architectural challenge in urban space planning. The discussion includes relief, coverage, and most importantly a specific vision for the future. We presented the concept while presented the general plan. Soon after world-renowned architects joined us too: UN Studio, Nika Japaridze – AI, Ricardo Bofill, and others. We expressed our desire in just two words – Green Town. Ideas came immediately – wood, brick, energy-efficient materials, low construction, and the most important conceptual vision for us – the 80/20 ratio. This means that only 20% of the entire area would be intended for residential space.

About Us

Nika Japaridze and the Architects of Invention

Nika Japaridze and the architectural firm – Architects of Invention are the authors of Lisi Garden House, the most innovative project of the Green Town, where every apartment has its own terraced yard. They’re the same people who designed other distinctive buildings such as the Hanging Gardens in Birmingham, the Entel Tower in Santiago Chile, and others.


Dutch Artists - UN Studio

Remember your favorite athlete, which you consider as one of the most outstanding events of all time? Imagine, UN Studio is on that same scale for urbanists. The Green Tower is their signature project, pride of The Green Town, which embodies the idea of more space from the beginning to the end!


More than Half a Century of Experience - WATG

WATG is a company with 70 years of experience in the field of hospitality. They’ve executed projects such as Four Seasons hotels in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and Mauritius; Resort Atlantis The Palm in the United Arab Emirates; Shangri-La Garden Wing hotel in Singapore, Encore Wynn in Las Vegas, Palace of The Lost City in South Africa, and more.


Modern Classicist - Ricardo Bofill

Andrew Ayers, a researcher in the history of urbanism and architecture, compared the classicist Spaniard Ricardo Bofill, to the best architects of all time. The Green Town is looking forward to Ricardo’s authorial residential house, which will soon be presented to you with due respect and pomp.


More than 30 International Awards

We never thought of creating just a brand or constructing a residential complex with simply more greenery around it, instead, we always wanted to create an environment full of colorful, vibrant landscapes, creating a harmony that would make people forget all the routines of life. At Lisi Green Town every seedling, trunk and leaf, every laid brick, and every paved road has its role and significance. Altogether this creates an environment that truly cares about you.