There’s Greenery and Peace here

An Environment that Cares About You.

In Lisi Green Town the green space per capita is 7.7 times higher than it’s recommended by the World Health Organization. Air quality is 6 times better than the average of Tbilisi. Gyms and outdoor paths for running and cycling are our priorities. We provide 1.5 parking spaces per capita. Lisi Green Town is being developed according to a predefined general plan, agreed upon with the residents from the very beginning. Lisi Lake is a 5-minute drive away. In the area, we got a kindergarten, coupe of supermarkets, a pharmacy, two academies, and more. And not to mention, electric buses serve residents and guests.


Every Apartment Here Has Its Terrace-Yard

The design of this new residential house belongs to Nika Japaridze and Architects of Invention. It was clear from the beginning that the concept would be new and different, but this team has a number of awards for its unique vision: take the Hanging Gardens in Birmingham as an example, or the Entel Tower in Santiago Chile. In our case, inspired by the essence of the Green Town, Nika decided that in terms of size, content, and packaging, a terrace of a house can also be a planted yard. According to him, it’s a kind of allegory of what you see around the house, an allegory of an environment that cares about you.