More Greenery, Space, Air

What Tbilisi Needs the Most

We’ve always believed that increasing the green-space rate and creating recreational spaces is the social responsibility of every company involved in urban development. We took on this challenge 10 years ago and today we can proudly say that Lisi Lake is a unique place that attracts both the old and new generation of Tbilisians.

About Us

Greenery Should be Contagious

In partnership with the Italian company Innocenti & Mangoni Piante, we’ve brought decorative plants created especially for urban spaces: evergreen and deciduous trees, flowering trees, shrubs, rare fruit trees, Japanese maples, collections of lianas, bonsais, roses and junipers… Each of these saplings will add life and comfort to any space. Creating a green cover is a huge responsibility and a continuous process. So, the existence of a modern sapling nursery in this case will encourage not only us, but the entire real estate sector to put it on the ‘green rails’.


A New Vision of Traditions

Many may not even know that a natural thermal spring and bath have existed in the vicinity of Lisi Lake since old times. As a result of joint work with Samgori Group, in September 2014, we added another modern sulfur bath to Tbilisi, which is already famous for this form of recreation.


More News Than Expected

The abovementioned Innocenti & Mangoni Piante was directly involved in the creation of one of our proudest projects – Lisi Green Tower. We can confidently say that such a building has never been built in Tbilisi. The design belongs to UN Studio. It’s like a vertical district with vertical gardens, squares, and open spaces for common use. The “Green Tower” is a symbol of our vision and the unification of our values in one residential building.